To be successful in business model innovation, it is necessary to embed innovation capabilities in your company's DNA. Our Academy offerings improve your company's culture, mindset and structures for business model innovation.

Think Tank


The BMI Think Tank is a network of CXOs and senior executives in innovation to promote an exchange of ideas about how an organization can support radical innovation. The members of our cross-industry Think Tank are innovative leaders from companies like Bosch, Cewe, B.Braun/Aesculap, Bühler, Covestro and Migros.

The Think Tank is organized by the University of St. Gallen and the BMI Lab.

To address the challenges of digitization in specific sectors, we are setting up industry-focused Think Tanks in aviation, biotech and insurance in cooperation with leading research institutes.


For Members:

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A company’s success is defined by its culture. Peter Drucker's famous, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast” is no less true for business model innovation. Companies like Bosch, Migros, Bahlsen, and Sennheiser have told us they have sufficient business ideas. Yet most firms struggle when it comes to successfully realizing them.

That's why we have developed the Education Program to improve a company’s business model innovation capabilities, and to change the culture and mindsets of its employees.

The Program consists of four modules (Initiation, Ideation, Integration, and Implementation), each lasting 2–3 days with take-home assignments in between. Typically, a class of 15–20 client employees is coached over a six-month period. To goal is to train each to become a business model innovation expert with an entrepreneurial mindset for changing the culture from within.


Program overview:

Coaching a class of 15–20 employees over six months (four modules, 2–3 workshop days each)

Senior managers and strong prospects learn to design, test and implement business models

Soft skills to successfully embed business model innovation in the company

For more information and related offers, get in touch with Felix Hofmann, our CEO.