BMI Lab goes West: Collaborative business model innovation in Silicon Valley

BMI Lab Senior Management Experience is a workshop in California's Silicon Valley, where attendees learn about real-world business model innovation. It is a great opportunity to meet those real innovators and makers that are changing their industries business logic. To learn more, check our services on the webpage.

BMI's 55 Pattern Cards: Razor and Blade

First up in BMI's recurring series on each of its business model Pattern Cards: Razor and Blade. Revolutionized by Gillette more than a century ago. The BMI Business Model Pattern Cards are a great tool to unleash creativity and find new possibilities for innovation. Learn more about them on our website.

Slideshare: How Nest is revolutionizing the way we connect with our homes!

Our newest SlideShare is available: see how Nest is revolutionizing the way we connect with our homes through business model innovation! Breaking the dominant logic is the best way to innovate any business model. At BMI Lab we help companies to do that. Learn more about our methodology in our website.

Oliver Gassmann on Business Models

Oliver Gassmann talks about Business Models and Industry 4.0 for Rethink! SPMS 2016. Business Model Innovation is a methodology to break with the current industry logic and develop new business possibilities. For more info about our methodology, download the free resources on our website and register to our workshops.