The BMI Lab sees itself as a constantly evolving entity. We challenge the status quo and break dominant logic to imagine and create the future of business. We favor small, flexible teams and effective, result-focused communication. Each member is empowered with the autonomy to further develop the BMI Lab.


Our Story

After years researching highly innovative companies across industries, it became clear to Prof. Gassmann and Prof. Frankenberger that the secret of their success was innovative business models. This is how they determined that 90 percent of successful business models were based on re-combinations from other industries.

To share this with the business world and help companies break out of their dominant industry logic, they created the BMI Lab in 2013, a spin-off of the Institute of Technology Management of the University St. Gallen. Since then, we have helped generate novel business model innovations for the utility, retail, automotive, machinery, medical, imaging, insurance, aviation and many other industries.