The Business Model Navigator demonstrates impressively that sustainable innovation is not created by inspiration alone, but can and should be approached systematically building on shared experience.

Dr. Ralf Schneider, CIO Group,


The Business Model Navigator with its tools, strategy, and visualizations are a perfect compliment to the Design Thinking philosophy at Stanford. They work in practice and in theory.

Professor Dr. Larry Leifer,
Founding Director of the Stanford Center for Design Research


The 55 business model patterns identified and described here provide an excellent toolkit for developing our own business model, especially in respect of our future presence in the Internet of Things and Services.

Dr. Heinz Derenbach,
CEO of Bosch Software Innovations GmbH


The Business Model Navigator makes it possible for us to grasp the business model as a whole and to work within a coherent system. The St.Gallen methodology not only brings results, but broadens the mindset.

Daniel Sennheiser, CEO


The St.Gallen Business Model Navigator provides a structured approach to the fuzzy field of business model innovation. The 55 patterns make it easy to think about alternative ways of running your business.

Dr. Michael Daiber, Innovation Agent,
ABB Turbo Systems