Want to learn how to comprehensively innovate your business model and get to know the creators of the Business Model Navigator? Meet and exchange ideas with managing directors, innovation managers, and business developers from different industries.




7. & 8. November 2019

München, Deutschland


Entwickeln Sie innovative Geschäftsmodelle auf der Basis der Business Model Navigator Methode der Universität St.Gallen zusammen mit Experten in BMI und Teilnehmern aus anderen Industrien. 

Die Workshopsprache ist DEUTSCH.

Für mehr Informationen, kontaktieren sie bitte Charles Jouanique. charles.jouanique@bmilab.com


Die Entwicklung radikaler Geschaftmodelinnovationen


Sensibilisierung für Geschäftsmodellinnovation / Lernen von Best Practice Beispielen / Entwicklung eigener Ideen


BMI Pattern Cards, Idea Sheet, Reverse Financials, Rapid Prototyping


Super Early Bird (27.09.19)
1800€ zzgl. MwSt.
Early Bird (11.10.19)
2000€ zzgl. MwSt.
Regular (bis Anmeldeschluss)
2200€ zzgl. MwSt.



Business Model Innovation Workshop

19 & 20 November 2019

St.Gallen, Switzerland


Develop innovative business models based on the Business Model Navigator method of the University of St.Gallen together with experts in BMI and participants from other industries. 

The workshop language is ENGLISH.

For more info, please contact Alen Stepic.
+41 (0)79 431 01 94 alen.stepic@bmilab.com


The development of radical business model innovations


Learning Business Model Innovation / Learning Best Practice Examples / Developing Your Own Ideas


BMI Pattern Cards, Idea Sheets, Reverse Financials, Rapid Prototyping


Super Early Bird (27.09.19)
1800€ w/o VAT
Early Bird (18.10.19)
2000€ w/o VAT
Regular (until deadline)
2200€ w/o VAT 

Registration Deadline


Circular Business Model Innovation Workshop

29th November 2019

Berlin, Germany


Most of today's dominant business models work accor-ding to the "take-make-dispose" pattern with its linear connection between produc-tion, consumption and waste.

BMI Lab and the Institute of Management at the University of St. Gallen are developing solutions for companies that are ready to leave the well-known spheres of linearity and want to explore the oppor-tunities that a more circular economy offers.

Our Circular Business Model Innovation Workshop will give you an understanding and a practical and step-by-step guide to innovate your business model in a circular way to make it more environmentally friendly and more profitable in the long term. 

For more information, please contact Katharina Erdmann.
+49 (0)171 81 22 444 katharina.erdmann@bmilab.com


Learn how to develop circular business models company or startup

Discuss vertical and horizontal synergies along the value chain with corporates and startups.


The Circular Business Model Navigator / Best Practice Examples / Guest Speakers / Developing Your Own Circular Business Model Ideas


Internal and External Resource, Circular Vision Statement, CBMI Pattern Cards, Impact vs. Complexity Matrix, Documenting CBMs, Strategic Integration


Early Bird (15.10.19): EUR 799
Regular: EUR 999  

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