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  • "90 % of all business model innovations are recombinations. Knowing the past helps in creating the future."
    Prof. Dr. Oliver Gassmann
  • "We don’t tell you that business model innovation is important but HOW you can do it."
    Prof. Dr. Karolin Frankenberger
  • "Business Model Innovation has to create AND capture value. Too often one dimension is missing."
    Prof. Dr. Oliver Gassmann
  • "Using the 55 pattern cards to confront your business model with seemingly unrelated concepts brings you to truly novel ideas"
    Prof. Dr. Karolin Frankenberger
  • "Developing and implementing new business models requires managers to actively shape their network – both outside and inside the firm."
    Amir Bonakdar, Researcher
  • "Every engineer knows construction rules. Why do business innovators know so little about business construction rules?"
    Prof. Dr. Oliver Gassmann
  • "The main challenge of business model innovation is to overcome the dominant industry logic."
    Prof. Dr. Karolin Frankenberger
  • "We have been very excited when we applied the method in workshops. It’s hard work but the results are amazing."
    Michaela Csik, Innovation Manager, Holcim


Workshops - BMI

The Business Model Innovation Workshop in St.Gallen

Learn how to innovate your business model in our 2 day Cross Industry workshop in St.Gallen. Together with one of the creators of the Business Model Navigator, Prof. Dr. Gassmann, and our team you will experience and try out the methodology of the St.Gallen Business Model Navigator. The next workshop will be held on February 16 & 17, 2017. For more information, get in contact!



The Business Model Navigator

To capture the full potential of innovation, our Professors have published the Business Model Navigator. In it, the tools and techniques to systematically innovate business models are explained extensively.

It does not matter whether you are a fresh start up or a hundred year old company, the Navigator has a solution across industries and organizations.

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bmi card set

BMI Pattern Cards

Having looked at the business model development of the most successful companies, our Professors encountered patterns over time and industries.

The result are 55 pattern cards, which are able to explain over 90% of all business model innovations in the last 150 years.


BMI Flyer

The Business Model Navigator Working Paper

For a sneak peak of the content of the Business Model Navigator, check out the working paper, containing information on the methodology used, a quick summary of the 55 patterns and a list of companies that have used each pattern to successfully innovate their business model.

Free Download

The Certificate Course (CAS)

Apply now for the newly developed executive education program “Business Model Innovation” of the Institute for Technology Management focusing on the systematic development of innovative business models on the basis of the St.Gallen Business Model Navigator and Stanford’s innovative design methods.

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  • «Der St.Galler Business Model Innovator ermöglicht aus der eigenen Branchenlogik auszubrechen und macht damit den Weg frei für ein Feuerwerk neuer Ideen.»
    Wolfgang Rieder, Managing Partner, Head of Advisory Switzerland, PricewaterhouseCoopers





  • «Mit dem Business Model Navigator sind wir in der Lage das Geschäftsmodell als Ganzes zu begreifen und am kompletten System zu arbeiten. Die St.Galler Methodik bringt nicht nur Ergebnisse, sondern erweitert auch den Mindset.» Daniel Sennheiser, President Strategy and Finance, Sennheiser
  • «We leverage the Business Model Navigator for our Business Model Innovation approach and discovered that it is a great methodology with high practical relevance.»
    Dr. Ulrich Eisert, Research Manager, SAP (Schweiz)



  • «These Business Model Patterns are an important source for inspiration and best practice  to create and implement radical innovations. » Daniel Ledermann, Head of Incubation and Portfolio, Swisscom
  • «Applying the St.Gallen Business Model Navigator helps in challenging today’s business logic, opening up the solution space and creating a new mindest. We see this as a prerequisite for future success.» Dr. Christoph Meister, Corporate Innovation Manager, Holcim
  • « These patterns are a very powerful creativity method and a great tool to generate a ‹business model thinking› attitude.» Dr.Angela Beckenbauer, Corporate Innovation Manager, Hilti
  • «The Business Model Navigator with its tools, strategy, and visualizations are a perfect compliment to the ‹Foresight and Innovation by Design› philosophy at Stanford. They work in practice and in theory.» Professor Dr. Larry Leifer, Founding Director of the Stanford Center for Design Research
  • «Auch für Bosch wird es in Zukunft immer wichtiger werden, nicht nur hervorragende Produkte zu entwickeln, sondern auch neue Geschäftsmodelle zu nutzen. Die 55 Geschäftsmodell-Typen, die hier identifiziert und beschrieben sind, sind ein ausgezeichneter Baukasten für unsere eigene Geschäftsmodellentwicklung, insbesondere für unseren Zukunftspfad im Internet der Dinge und Dienste.» Dr. Heinz Derenbach, CEO of Bosch Software Innovations GmbH
  • «The Business Model Navigator demonstrates impressively that sustainable innovation is not created by inspiration alone, but can and should be approached systematically building on shared experience and based on data. Identifying patterns in the fast changing environment and dynamically adapting your companies’ business model to them will be crucial for success in any industry.» Dr. Ralf Schneider, Group CIO, Allianz
  • «The business model innovation method developed by Professor Gassmann is a very effective way to help local businesses challenge their dominant logic and develop new business models.» Richard Walker, Intertrade Ireland, Belfast
  • «All organisations from startup to the largest organisation need to keep their customers and innovation in full focus - The St.Gallen team provides with the BMI Navigator a very clear methodology to do the next quantum leap in business.» John Glynn, Shannon Ferry Ltd.
  • «I found that the Business Model Innovation Process has given me a very valuable new approach to use when working with companies helping to define their future direction and it really supports ‘thinking outside the box’. The Business Model Pattern examples provide a very useful guide from which to select one or a combination of patterns that can help to define new business models.» Mary Donovan, Caragh Consulting, Cork
  • «I have learned from others to appreciate successful business models, but I learned from Oliver Gassmann how to develop them myself.» Thomas Moriarty, Firecomms, Cork
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