The Business Model Innovation Book

Having analyzed hundreds of case studies of successful companies and their underlying business models, we have developed an entirely new method for business model innovation, creating a proven and systematic approach for building and re-working corporate business models: The Business Model Navigator.

In the book, each business model is described in a concise and practical manner in three pages: What is it (including explanatory graphic)? Where did it come from? Who applies it? What does this mean for me?

The story behind the book
In 2011, Prof. Oliver Gassmann and his team started the CTI project Business Model Innovation at the University of St. Gallen. The goal was to develop a methodology for business model innovation for incumbent firms. The analysis of more than 250 case studies and the implementation of applied business model innovation projects at SAP, Bühler, Hilti, Landis+Gyr (Toshiba) and Swisscom culminated in the book "The Business Model Navigator," written by Gassman, Frankenberger & Csik in 2014. The book was an immediate global success story, selling more than 50,000 copies translated into 11 languages including Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Russian.

The Business Model Innovation Pattern Cards


A book offers deep insight and understanding of a concept. For interactive application of the St.Gallen Business Model Navigator methodology, we recommend the BMI Pattern Cards.

The cards contain all 55 business model patterns complete with brief description, fun illustration, and some easily digestible examples of companies that applied the pattern. The cards contain enough information to fully explain each concept without letting the creative process get bogged down in detail. If you are looking to organize a business model workshop or just want to do a little brainstorming with your team, the BMI Pattern Cards are just the thing you need.

In most European countries you can buy the cards on Amazon. Please send an email to Katie Zechar [] for any questions related to the ordering of BMI Pattern Cards. You can also download a sample of the cards by clicking in the button below.

The Business Model Navigator Paper

The working paper is a sneak peek at the Business Model Navigator. It covers methodology, a summary of the 55 patterns, and a list of which companies have successfully used which pattern to innovate their business model.


The St. Gallen Business Model Navigator


Oliver Gassmann, Karolin Frankenberger, Michaela Csik

The BMI Map

The Tube Map shows you a visual representation of the research that has been done by the creators of the Business Model Navigator. It depicts which companies have used specific patterns at what time to disrupt their industry. Download the BMI Map and follow the roots of the most successful patterns.

The Assumptions Juice Press 

The Assumptions Juice Press is a useful tool tool to identify your most critical assumptions while testing your business model. Click the download button to claim you free worksheet now.

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BMI Pattern Cards Cheat Sheet

In this cheat sheet we have put together some tips and advice for you to obtain the full potential of any workshop with the Business Model Innovation Pattern Cards. A handy tool for your brainstorming sessions!



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Maturity Check

Is your company ready for a business model innovation project?

We have created the BMI Maturity Check for you to better understand where you stand to more successfully anchor BMI at your company. 

Fill in the form, and you will get your overall BMI Maturity score and identified weaknesses, together with best practices and suggestions for improvement.


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The BMI Testing Table

After having filled out a Business Model Canvas, your next job is to validate the underlying assumptions of the business model concepts. This tool helps you to make your assumptions actionable and verifiable and structures your setup for testing. For more information on this tool, check out our blogpost on Business Model Testing.


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The BMI Discovery Plan

We have created this tool to help you organize your week by week tasks when testing your business model concepts. It also allows you to document the time, money and partners needed to deliver the test. For more information on this tool, check out our blogpost on Business Model Testing.


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The BMI Testing Cards

While we are developing the BMI Testing Card set, you can already have a look at the content of the sets in this list of 22 test formats, their explanations and examples of companies that have used the test format. If you would like to get notified when the card set is available, please fill in the form to the right (you will also receive a draft of the Testing Cards).