SlideShare: Tesla business model innovation

Tesla is about dreaming big. The maker of electric vehicles and the batteries that power them has given itself a tall order to fulfill: create a practical, affordable electric car that is both desirable to and obtainable by a mass market. Oh, and do it all with zero emissions.

So how does Tesla do it? With innovative business models -- and not just one, but five. Tesla turns industry weakness into strength (Aikido); It sells its own vehicles (direct selling); it boosts efficiency by being in charge of its value-added processes (integrator); Tesla is one-stop shopping for electric charging needs, at home and on the go (solution provider); and the company makes no secret of their innovation (open source).

The combination of these business models makes Tesla a force to be reckoned with in the automotive market. It puts it light years ahead of other electric and green mobility manufacturers. As efficiency goes up and costs come down, Tesla will be able to make the shift from the premium auto market to an electric car for all.