business model innovation

From product to business model innovation: TICK, the laundry on demand service from Migros.

Several European companies, that are hidden champions in their domain, are succeeding in innovation through a guided Business Model Innovation process. We explain the business case of Tick Wash, a new venture created by Migros group in Switzerland - register to our Business Model Innovation workshops now!

Business model creation and innovation in China: not just copycats.

Chinese innovators, rather than just copying other services and products, have a very particular approach to business model innovation, addressing the particular traits of Chinese customers. We can get useful insights from their experience - Do you need more? Register for our Business Model Innovation workshops!

How China Creates the Strongest Innovation System

Massive investments, a huge market and the support of public policies have boosted the Chinese innovative ecosystem during the last 20 years. Chinese policies on innovation provide some valuable lessons about innovation promotion - Do you want to know more? Register to our Business Model Innovation workshops!

New Technologies and Business Model Innovation in emerging markets: Our experience in Bangladesh.

Our consultant Peter Brugger hold a keynote in Dhaka, Bangladesh, about the relationship between business model innovation and new technologies. Business Model Innovation is also useful for developing economies, helping to find new possibilities for value creation - Register to our Business Model Innovation workshops!

Understanding business models through BMI patterns

How can we understand business models? At BMI Lab we propose an approach based on four elements: Who?, What?, How? and Why? This framework helps to define any business model, prior to a Business Model Innovation process. If you want a real experience of this methodology, register for our workshops on our webpage.

Business Model Innovation is not a one-way road, but a crossroad.

Innovation is not about following a straight road, but about choosing the right direction in a crossroad with many choices. The pharma industry is a good example of that, with many different approaches trying to disrupt the current industry logic - Register to our Business Model innovation workshops to learn more.

What is the influence of 3D printing on Business Models?

Learn how big companies and startups are applying 3D printing for Business Model Innovation in several business sectors. Like every new technology, 3D printing will only achieve its full potential with the proper Business Models - To learn more about Business Model Innovation and creation, register for our workshops.

BMI Lab goes West: Collaborative business model innovation in Silicon Valley

BMI Lab Senior Management Experience is a workshop in California's Silicon Valley, where attendees learn about real-world business model innovation. It is a great opportunity to meet those real innovators and makers that are changing their industries business logic. To learn more, check our services on the webpage.

Slideshare: How Nest is revolutionizing the way we connect with our homes!

Our newest SlideShare is available: see how Nest is revolutionizing the way we connect with our homes through business model innovation! Breaking the dominant logic is the best way to innovate any business model. At BMI Lab we help companies to do that. Learn more about our methodology in our website.