The BMI Lab sees itself as a constantly evolving entity. We challenge the status quo and break dominant logic to imagine and create the future of business. We favor small, flexible teams and effective, result-focused communication. Each member is empowered with the autonomy to further develop the BMI Lab. Small teams can achieve great results due to the support of their shared partner network.


Our Story

After years researching highly innovative companies across industries, it became clear to Prof. Gassmann and Prof. Frankenberger that the secret of their success was innovative business models. This is how they determined that 90 percent of successful business models were based on re-combinations from other industries.

To share this with the business world and help companies break out of their dominant industry logic, they created the BMI Lab in 2013, a spin-off of the Institute of Technology Management of the University St. Gallen. Since then, we have helped generate novel ideas for the utility, retail, automotive, machinery, medical, imaging, insurance, aviation and many other industries.


Our Purpose: Breaking the Dominant Logic

Society has changed – business has not. New technologies and new ways of interacting have emerged. Customers are more demanding than ever. Yet most companies still do business based on outdated logics.

We help you to break with your organization’s dominant logic. With our methodology and tools we can unleash the creativity within your company.



Prof. Dr. Oliver Gassmann


Oliver Gassmann is professor of Technology and Innovation Management at the University of St.Gallen, Switzerland, and managing director of the Institute of Technology Management. He has published 13 books and more than 250 highly cited articles in leading journals. Moreover, he serves on international boards in industry, engineering and consulting. He has coached several Fortune 500 companies in the area of innovation and inspired thousands of executives as a keynote speaker. His research focuses on the core question of how to lead innovation for competitive advantage.




Prof. Dr. Karolin Frankenberger

Co-Founder and Chairwoman

Karolin Frankenberger is assistant professor for Strategic Management at the University of Lucerne, Switzerland. She is former head of the BMI Lab at the Institute of Technology Management, University of St.Gallen, Switzerland, and led the research project that became the foundation of the Business Model Navigator. She worked for several years as a consultant at McKinsey & Company. She received her PhD in 2004 from the Institute of Management, University of St.Gallen, Switzerland, and was a visiting researcher at Harvard Business School and the School of Business at the University of Connecticut. Her research focuses on Business Models, Strategic Renewal, and Networks.




Felix Hofmann


In 2008, Felix co-founded PaperC GmbH, a platform for academic eBooks, serving as its managing director for four years. The breakthrough business model Felix and his founding partners established was recognized with the AKEP Award, and the company was named Germany's Startup of The Year in 2009. He earned his M.A. in Business Innovation at the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland, and got his Diploma from the Berlin School of Economics and Law. Felix is a true business model enthusiast.




Katharina Erdmann

Innovation Consultant

In close cooperation with the Institute, Katharina helps companies sustainably establish a culture of innovation and creativity to explore new business models outside their comfort zone. Katharina obtained her MSc. in Strategic Management with a specialization in strategic change strategies at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam and the University of St. Gallen, and her Bsc. from Maastricht University School of Business and Economics. She enjoys challenging existing logics and is always looking for new possibilities and approaches. Her mind runs at 100 ideas/second.




Peter Brugger

Innovation Consultant

Peter earned his master's in International Management with a specialization in Entrepreneurship and Innovation from the ESADE Business School, Barcelona, and the University of St. Gallen (in combination with CEMS). As co-founder of Altaselva GmbH, an import/export startup for Peruvian nut-oil, he oversaw development of the company's business plan. He enjoys playing with pattern cards and is fascinated by the world of IoT.




Kilian Schmück

Innovation Consultant

Kilian holds a master's degree in mechanical engineering from RWTH Aachen University with a focus on both automotive and production engineering. His practical background resides primarily in the automotive industry and business model innovation. Since July 2017, he works as a PhD student at the Institute for Technology Management at the University of St. Gallen. His research focuses on Distributed Ledger  Technologies, such as Blockchain, and their impact on business models. At the BMI Lab, he supervises the BMI Think Tank and thereby ensures the link to academic research.




Georg von der Ropp

Partner Advisory BMI Lab AG and Managing Partner BMI Lab Deutschland GmbH

Prior to joining the BMI Lab, Georg had several leadership positions at Capgemini Germany, most recently as vice president in the CTO field, focusing on digital transformation and cooperation with startups. Following an apprenticeship as an industrial clerk at Siemens AG, he studied computer science at TU München. He earned an Executive MBA from the University of St. Gallen. His many years of experience in large enterprises as well as in the IT and consulting industries positioned Georg to take on the challenge of how to innovate and transform successful companies.




Alexander Vencken

Innovation Consultant
BMI Lab Deutschland GmbH

Together with Georg von der Ropp, Alexander started the German subsidiary of the BMI Lab in Munich. He is additionally charged with developing BMI Lab's business in Germany and beyond. Alexander obtained his MSc in Innovation & Entrepreneurship from the ESADE Business School. He has a background in entrepreneurship in the hospitality industry and worked as a consultant at Claro Partners. Startups make his heart tick faster, and he passes the knowledge he gains from them onto his clients.




Ciaran Black

BMI Lab Ireland and UK

He has held senior leadership positions across a diverse range of industries including the Telecoms, eCommerce, Renewable Energy, Forestry and Recreation sectors – all with the primary responsibility of delivering new business opportunities. He has extensive experience of managing and creating a culture of innovation in different types of organisations from Start-Ups to Multinational corporations to State-owned companies. Immediately prior to BMI Lab he was responsible for establishing and leading the group innovation function in Ireland’s largest forestry and natural resources company. He holds a business degree from Trinity College Dublin and a first class honors Masters degree in Strategy from Smurfit Business School in Dublin.



David O'Leary

BMI Lab Ireland and UK

He was co-founder and CEO at 8020; Ireland’s leading digital marketing agency before selling it to a leading global agency. David has extensive experience of helping businesses develop unique value propositions to grow revenue. He has worked with many successful brands and companies including EY Global Advisory, Bank of Ireland, Aon, United Nations, RTÉ and Jameson Irish Whiskey. He also tried and failed with Ripple Platform – a social media tech startup – to develop a SaaS real-time predictive analytics platform. Managing through both success and failure have given him a critical understanding of the power of innovation to create growth. He has an MBA from the Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School, UCD.

Join our Team

The core team is supported by innovation researchers and coaches at the Chair of Innovation Management at the Institute of Technology Management, especially in the areas of open innovation, intellectual property strategy, global R&D, and innovation processes.

We are always looking for additions to our offices in Zurich and Munich. Are you open-minded, curious and interested in business model innovation? Email us at or

Current Openings

Intern, Berlin 

Intern, Factory Berlin 

Job description

We are looking for Master graduates, preferably with working experience, to join our team in Berlin for a 40% paid intern position.  

Who we look for

  • Master student
  • Very good organizational skills (event organization)
  • Very good conceptual skills (developing and structuring)
  • Self-reliant, proactive and motivated
  • Very good interpersonal and language skills
  • Excellent PowerPoint skills
  • High interest in business model innovation, startups, incubators

Your tasks

  • Organization and coordination of events (workshops, trainings)
  • Support in creation of content for workshops and trainings
  • Development of new workshop concepts
  • Contact to international business model innovator network
  • Communication and coordination of diverse stakeholders (freelancer, university, companies, etc.)


  • Interesting projects for major companies
  • Insights into real life business model innovation cases
  • Exposure to many stakeholders in the innovation area (major companies, startups, coworkings, incubators, universities, freelancer, developer)
  • Flexible working conditions and hours 


Katharina Erdmann: