German edition of Business Model Navigator book updated!


When Oliver Gassmann, Karolin Frankenberger and Michaela Csik published in 2013 the first edition of Business Model Innovation book, they wanted to share the outcomes from their research about business model innovation, based on thousands of study cases all over the world. Their main conclusion was striking: 90% of every successful business model comes from the recombination of 55 business patterns. From this starting point, the authors developed a new methodology to help companies of every kind to innovate their business models.

This methodology is designed to help managers to break dominant business logic, perhaps the most difficult goal to achieve, since all of them have been trained in this logic, and are rewarded for following it. But the new business models does not come from this there. They come from a conscious process to break it, and the authors show the method and tools to follow. This tools are intended to:

  1. Help identifying the dominant business logic, to prepare to break it afterwards. For this purpose, they have developed a business model description pattern based on 4 questions: What?, Who?, How? and Value?

  2. Help thinking in new business models, rather than in technology or products. Usually managers think about new products and technologies as main innovation facilitators. But most of them don´t know that every technology needs a suitable business model to be applied in real world and generate profit. Moreover, business models innovation can create very profitable business without new technologies. Gaining this mindset will greatly help all those willing to foster innovation in their companies.

  3. Provide with systemic tools. One big innovation myth is that it comes from chaos, and just creative genius can tame it in order to bring revolutionary innovations into the market. This is absolutely false: innovation is an skillset we can learn, with clear methods and processes to follow. The authors of Business Model Innovation Navigator gave us the processes and tools needed to innovate in a simple, comprehensive way, breaking down the myths about innovation. It can be teached to employers, is not just for technology people in big companies with plenty of resources, and does not always deliver new radical technologies shaking the market.

The book explains in depth this new methodology, including the 55 business model patterns. Readers will find a comprehensive approach to innovation tools and workshops, together with clear advices to manage them. The book combines theory and practice, it’s not just an academic research, but also a innovation manual, inviting readers to try themselves all the tools explained in the book. This proposal have had great success, and a proof of that is the fact that the book is translated to 11 languages.

Last July, the German version of The Business Model Navigator has been edited again with several updates for both parts. This new edition will offer updated information and design, together with new tools for innovation. In the first part of the book we can find:

  1. An update of facts and figures.

  2. The chapter 1.3 is completely new and revised, translated entirely from English book.

  3. There is an expanded explanation of IT trends.

  4. A new business case, for the energy sector.

  5. New pictures and a complete redesign of current illustrations.

In the second part, more focused on business pattern, we can find:

  1. 60 totally new cases and examples.

  2. Updated facts and figures.

  3. New design for all pictures.

This new version is already available for purchasing in Amazon, at a price of
EUR 42,- . As complement to the book, there will be also available an updated version of the pattern cards. We will update you about this matter very soon. Meanwhile, enjoy your reading!