The new version of the BMI Pattern Cards is available now

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The BMI Pattern Cards are a truly valuable resource for every innovator. They allow creating new business models through a process that combines both the principles of similarity and confrontation to generate new ideas, probably one of the hardest task for any innovator. On April 2018 we have issued a new version, with updated descriptions, illustrations, and the addition of five new business model patterns.

The BMI Pattern cards are the result of a several-years-long research taken by Prof. Oliver Gassmann, Prof. Karolin Frankenberger and Dr. Michaela Csik. They analyzed hundreds of business models of the last 50 years, looking for regularities and systematization patterns. As a result, they found out that more than 90% of all business models came from a combination of 55 basic business model patterns. They published their results in a widely known book, the St.Gallen Business Model Navigator.

These business patterns can be used as templates for innovation, and for that purpose BMI published a set of convenient cards, to be used during ideation sessions within an innovation process. Since its first edition in 2013, the BMI Cards have been used by thousands of innovators, managers and product builders to generate new ideas, helping to break their current business models in order to discover new possibilities.

Nevertheless, business models are always evolving together with new technologies. Because of that, we have added five new business models based on IoT technology. With these new patterns, we want to address the new possibilities brought by connected devices, sensors, and machines. The new patterns are Sensor as a Service, Virtualization, Object Self-Service, Object as Point of Sale, and Prosumer.

Finally, we have updated the illustrations for all the cards, creating a new design with a better feeling for the whole package. It also includes some instructions to use the cards. The new version of the BMI pattern cards can be purchased on and other European Amazon platforms. For more information, please email us at If you want some basic advice about how to use the pattern cards, check out the instructions and download the cheatsheet in our blog. You can also download a sample of the cards, in a digital format. Just click on the image below, and you will be redirected to the downloading page. We will send the cards in pdf format to your inbox.

Download now the 55+ Pattern Cards